August 14, 2018



For time:
1 Clean 185/135
10 handstand push-up (6/4 inch deficit)
2 Clean 185/135
9 handstand push-ups
3 Clean 185/135
8 handstand push-ups
4 Clean 185/135
7 handstand push-ups
5 Clean 185/135
6 handstand push-ups
6 Clean 185/135
5 handstand push-ups
7 Clean 185/135
4  handstand push-ups
8 Clean 185/135
3  handstand push-ups
9 Clean 185/135
2  handstand push-ups
10 Clean 185/135
1  handstand push-up

you May use Parallettes or plates for the deficit.   All hspu are at a deficit 

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August 11, 2018

 "In teams of 2:

AMRAP in 26 Minutes

Partner A runs 400m

Partner B does AMRAP KB Swings 53/35 until A gets back.

Switch and repeat. (score is total KBS) (Each person runs once and swings once)


Partner A runs 400m

Partner B does AMRAP Push Press 95/65 until A returns.

Switch and repeat.

Again, each person runs once and presses once. Score is total push press

Partner A runs 400m

Partner B does AMRAP Double Unders

Switch and repeat. Score is total double unders.

Each partner runs once.

Partner A runs 400m

Partner B does AMRAP Burpees

Switch and repeat. Score is total burpees

Each partner runs once.

If above is completed in less than 26 minutes, start over and continute until 26 minute cap.

Final score is cumulative reps from all parts."

August 2, 2018

You will choose either the running or the lifting, NOT both

3 Rounds of:
600m Run
rest 90 seconds
400m Run
rest 90 seconds
200m Run
rest 4 minutes between rounds
run at a consistent pace. for example if you run the 600 in 3 minutes, then the
400 should be 2 minutes and the 200 should be 1 minute. try and stay at that
same pace for all runs

OR do the lifting

4x5 Bench Press
4x5 Strict Press
heavier than last week

July 31, 2018

5 minutes at each of the following stations:
1) Max Unbroken Double Unders
-as many attempts as you want.   Score best ub set

2) 30/21 calorie bike for time

3) Max height pvc pipe jump
-score in inches.  May not touch pvc pipe.    you may step into jump but not run

4) Max Weight sled push 50 feet
-sled is not allowed to stop.  

5) Max distance Handstand walk. 
-score total feet covered without falling  
-scale with max plank hold scored in seconds  

you may go in any order but must rotate stations every 5 minutes  

July 25, 2018

You will complete either the lifting OR the running

A) 4x5 Bench Press
same weight across all sets. heavier than last week

B) 4x5 Strict Press
same weight across all sets. heavier than last week


1x800m at moderate pace - 200m jog
rest 1 minute
2x400m at moderate/fast pace - 200m jog after each 400
rest 1 minute
3x200m at fast pace - 200m jog after each
rest 3 minutes
6x100m sprint - rest as needed between sprints
you may sub rowing for run if necessary.