DECEMBER 16, 2017

In teams of 3 complete AMRAP in 25 Minutes of

70 calorie bike/row

70 bar facing burpee 

70 power snatch 75/55

60 calorie bike/row

60 bar facing burpee

60 power snatch 95/65

50 calorie bike/row

50 bar facing burpee

50 power snatch 115/80

40 calorie bike/row

40 bar facing burpee

40 power snatch 135/95

30 calorie bike/row

30 bar facing burpee

max rep power snatch 155/105

one person working at a time.  Score total reps.  


DECEMBER 6, 2017

EMOM for 20 Minutes
Odd: 5 Strict Pullup* + 5 Burpee Box Over 24/20
Even: 5 Strict Handstand Pushup** + 30 Double Under
*scale strict pullups with ring rows. make them hard. elevate feet if
necessary. do not do kipping pullups or negatives.
**scale hspu with seated shoulder press. use dumbbells or kb.
if not able to find a suitable weight using db or kb you may use a bar.
no kipping or box hspu

strength movements are the priority today.  scale cardio movements if necessary to be able to have more time for the strict movements. 

record total number of rounds where all reps are completed.

DECEMBER 5, 2017

A) 5 Minutes to Complete 10 Rope Climbs* then,
Max rep KB Swing 70/53 in remaining time
score total KBS completed
*scale rope climbs with less reps or with 50 Knees to Elbows
rest 3 minutes
B) 5 Minutes to Complete 50/40 Calorie Bike/Row then
Max rep Situp
score total situp completed
rest 3 minutes
C) 5 Minutes to Complete 20 Muscle* up then
Max Toe to Bar
score total toe to bar completed
*scale muscle up with burpee pullup

DECEMBER 2, 2017

In Teams of 2 Complete
Wallball 20/14
KB Swing 70/53
Med Ball Situp
split reps however you want with one person working at a time. you will pass the ball back
and forth on the med ball situp. must touch ball on the ground behind your head on each rep

If anyone is interested we will have OPEN GYM tomorrow from 10-noon.  Shantai and Jake will be there maxing out our snatch and clean and jerk.  If anyone is doing the Lift Off or just wants to come lift for fun we will be there

NOVEMBER 25, 2017

Tabata Mashup
DB Thruster 50/35
Box Over 20"
Double Under
score total reps

using a tabata timer (:20 on / :10 off) you will rotate movements every :30 until you have
completed a full tabata (8 rounds) of each movement. this will be a total of 40 rounds or
20 minutes. so you will do :20 of db thrusters followed by :10 of rest, then :20 of box overs
followed by :10 of rest, then :20 of pushups and so on.