August 9, 2016

40 Minutes at Aerobic Pace
50' Handstand Walk or 5 Wall Walks
40 Calorie Row/Bike OR 600m Run
30 Situps
20 Air Squat
10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
This workout is designed to be done at a conversation pace.
If you can't not hold a conversation, you are going too fast.

Aerobic capacity work is a vital part of any fitness program.  It is great for recovery and for overall fitness.   There is a small whiteboard in the back of the gym with aerobic workouts written on it.  You can do these types of workouts any day you wish in place of the normal class workout.  Today we are doing one for the normal class workout.   Do not go fast.  This is designed to be slow and controlled the entire time.