February 25, 2016

First Open workout is this Friday.  If you are not able to make it Friday you will do the workout on your next visit to the gym.   Workout will be announced Thursday night and be posted on the blog at 7:30pm.   There will be multiple versions of the workout.  If you are not able to complete the workout as written please talk to a coach and we will provide additional scaling options if necessary.   We will be using judges to ensure accuracy.  If you still don't have a train heroic account make sure you get one before Friday.  

I would recommend taking Thursday as a rest day or coming in and doing the ROMWOD for the day.   The ROMWOD on Thursdays is a nice long one. It is 47 minutes this week.   If you  feel like doing a workout you can come in and do the one of the workouts written below.   You may also come in and work on skills or anything you want.   

A) 5000m row or 10 mile bike Complete 5 Burpees every 500m.  

B) Dirty 30
30 box jumps, 20"
30 jumping pull-ups
30 kettlebell swings (35/26)
30 walking-lunge steps
30 knees-to-elbows
30 push presses (45/35)
30 back extensions
30 wall-ball shots (16/10)
30 burpees
30 double-unders

Below you will find the teams for our upcoming competition.  Good luck to everyone and let's have some fun.  Team names to be determined.  Don't read into the order of the list.  It was not the order of the picks.  If your name was somehow left off the list please let Jake know ASAP.  

Team 1

Shantai Dickerson

Josie Martinez

Aubri Dickerson

Jamie Lamb

Aaron Behm

Chris Allen

David Yang

Chris Hodgson

Bo Buchanan

Ryan Pickering

Ana Vanderheide

Amy Nielsen

Bryan Waite

Aaron Inouye

Jessalyn Layton

Hollie Abbott

Team 2

Kate Lyman

Whitney Burches

Aubree Duea

Ali Carlisle

Drew Carroll

Ervin Arana

Kurtis Simmons

Brandon Halls

Heath Fullmer

Josh Fordham

Tena McKenzie

Lyn Chapman

Brian Nichols

Steve Gibson

Aiden Dean

Katie Keith

Team 3 

Kenny Lyman

Lindsay Christensen

Becca Baarda

Jenny Covington

Hilary Hawkins

Riley O'neil

Chase Burches

Zac Sherman

Joey Brimhall

Brady Martinez

Erin Lee

Gayle Crookston

Kyle Morris

Jim Meyer

Landon Grover

Erik Lamb

Team 4 

Jake Dickerson

Kelsey Simmons

Emily Voehringer

Julie Neal

Serena Smith

Derek Pueblo

Derek Kotowski

Greg Deakins

Jamison Tarrant

Jeff Hess

Aubrey Tanner

Randy Otteson

Justin Dean

James Palmer

Collin Sherman

Wilkins Melgard

Team 5

Dallin Dickerson

Farrah Peterson

Megan green

Shanan Balian

Katelyn Paine

Eli Christensen

Chase Leavitt

Ethan Paine

Bryce Winward

Chris McKay

Julie Grover

Keith Grover

Gabe Chariton

Chris Allred

Jacob Grover

Kiara Farley

Team 6

Karli Verhoef

Melissa Lyman

Sarah Aller

Whitney Landon

Vicki Shelley

Chris Berg

Chris Mccurdy

Jonathan Kruitmoes

Justin Risinger

Dave Neal

Matt Hovanec

Paul McNeil

Brandon Dial

Kamber Carroll

Josh Bradley

Mark Keith