February 27, 2017

A) Skill Work on Toe to Bar
accumulate 40 perfect toe to bar (for quality)
if you can't get your toes to the bar, then do 40 reps the best you can do.
if you are great on ttb, you may spend this time working on muscle ups,
but keep in mind you can never spend too much time practicing basics.

B) AMRAP in 14 Minutes of:
75 Wallball 20/14
60 Calorie Row/Bike
45 DB Shoulder to Overhead 50/35
30 Muscle up*
scale muscle up with 30 dips
Score total reps

If you have not done the OPEN workout yet, you have until Thursday night.  Please do it the next time you come to the gym instead of the class workout.  You must have a judge.   Please make sure to STRICTLY uphold the movement standards.