First Annual CrossFit Utah Valley Open

As I mentioned in my post last Monday the CrossFit Open starts February 25th.  Shantai and I have been trying to figure out a way to get EVERYONE at the gym excited about the Open.  .  We have decided to hold an in house team event for the Open.  We encourage everyone to sign up.  You are NOT required to sign up for the actual CrossFit Open to participate.  The Open is $20 paid to Crossfit HQ.  The Utah Valley Open is $5 paid to any trainer and that money goes to winning team.  Here is the plan.  There will be a sign up sheet on the whiteboard at the front of the gym.  If you want to participate write your name on the sign up sheet and pay your entry.  Give your CASH to a trainer and they will mark you down as paid.  Deadline to sign up is February 22.  When you sign up you will choose a division.  Options are RX, Scaled, Masters (40+) RX and Masters (40+) Scaled.  Men will be ranked against men and women against women.  In the open they have masters divisions every 5 years, but we will only have 1 masters division.  People in masters will be allowed to do the workouts as written in the Open for their division, but will be ranked against all people over 40.   If you can do some workouts RX but not all, you will be able to do some of the workouts RX and others scaled, but this will be only allowed out of necessity not strategy.   Once we have the list of participants we will make the teams.  We will make sure the teams are fair and ensure there are no "stacked" teams.  The number of teams will depends on number of entries.  Ideally we would have enough people so that each trainer (Jake, Shantai, Kenny, Kate, Dallin, Karli) will be captains of a team.  We will use Train Heroic to keep track of scores.  Go here if you don't have a train heroic account  .  We will go over how to log scores in more detail once the Open starts.   Each individual will be ranked weekly in their division and their individual score will contribute to the team score.  You will only be competing against people at our gym not worldwide.   Here is an example.  Let's say that we have two teams.  Team 1 is John and Mary.  Team 2 is Peter and Sophia.  In week 1 John finishes 4th in the masters divison and Mary finishes 10th in RX so their team score is 14 (10+4).  Peter finishes 3rd in scaled and Sophia finishes 5th in scaled for a team score of 8.  Team with the lowest score after 5 weeks wins.  Winning team will win something awesome that is yet to be determined.  As you can see with this structure anyone can be an important part of a team, not just the fittest people in the gym.   Workouts are released on Thursday nights starting February 25 and will last 5 weeks.  Submissions are due Monday night.  We will do the workouts as a gym on Fridays, but you can do the workout any day you choose.  Judges must be used for all workouts.    We will try and come up with more sweet prizes and incentives to sign up.  More details to follow.