January 19, 2016

A) Tempo Front Squat @ 44X4
4 second descent, 4 seconds at bottom, 4 seconds at top
Work up to a heavy triple with perfect positioning. Focus on upright
torso and high elbows. If your front rack mobility does not allow
proper posistioning during the front squat sub for back squat.

B) Complete for time:
40 Wall Ball
25 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall Ball
20 Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball
15 Box Jumps
10 Wall Ball
10 Box Jumps

As a reminder we will be doing less heavy lifting for the next couple months leading up to the CrossFit Open season.  If you would like to do some additional lifting please talk to Jake and he will provide you with some options for things you can do in addition to the workout of the day.

romwod for today is 20 minutes.