January 20, 2017

A) Overhead Squat
Work up to bodyweight and then complete 1 set of max reps
if you are unable to ohs your body weight then work up to a medium
weight ohs and do 1 set of max reps. score total reps

The new whiteboard is up and ready.  It is now an Achievement Board instead of a Leaderboard.  Each week we will do a workout or skill with a standard.  If you meet or exceed the standard, you get your name on the board.  Today we will do bodyweight ohs for max reps.   Any man that get 10+ reps or any women who gets 7+ reps will get their name immortalized on the board. Please log scores on train heroic so I can easily update the board.  Good luck.

B) 4 Rounds for Max Reps
1:00 Hand Release Pushup
1:00 Deadlift 95/65
1:00 Situp
1:00 Rest
Score total reps