March 17, 2016

Recovery Day
Come in and do the 50 minute ROMWOD, one of
aerobic capacity workouts or the workout below.
Just two more weeks left in the Open this year.
I hope everyone is enjoying the friendly
competition as much as I am.It is so fun to see
people pushing themselves to new levels.
Keep up the good work.

AMRAP in 30 Minutes of:
200m Dual KB Farmer's Carry 35/26
15 Ring Rows
15 Situps
15 Push ups
60 second plank

We are making another order of ground beef from  The Cow Share.  If you have not tried this ground beef you are missing out.  It's the best ground beef I've ever had.   The market price has increased a bit since last order but at $5.09/pound it's still a great deal for grass fed beef that is 97% lean.  Orders will be taken until Monday night at midnight and will be delivered Tuesday.   Ground beef only this order.