March 21, 2016

A) Front Squat

B) AMRAP in 10 Minutes of:
3 Overhead Squat 115/75
7 Box Over 24/20
7 Box Over
7 Box Over
Continue in the same pattern adding 3 ohs after
each set of box overs. Score total reps

We are beginning a new squat cycle next week.  It will be a combination of front squat and back squat but all numbers will be based on your max front squat.  If you are not able to get to the gym today to test your max front squat please do it on a different day this week so you have an accurate max to base your cycle on.   Don't be surprised if you can not hit your lifetime front squat max right now since our programming has been gearing up for the open and has not had a strong bias for strength.  

This is the last week of the OPEN.  The competition so far has been amazing.  We do have quite a few people who have not done the past workouts.  We have been very lenient up to this point, but my generosity only goes so far.  If you have not done one of the previous workouts please get to the gym and get it done.  ALL score must be submitted by March 31.  If you will be out of town and not able to complete the final workout before March 31 please let your team captain know before.  If you do not have a score for a workout by the deadline you will probably receive a 0 for that workout.  Also please make sure you submit your scores on Train Heroic so we can recognize the individual winners at the end of the open.  

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