May 2, 2016

A) Front Squat/Back Squat
6x3/6@90% of max front squat

B) 7 Minutes to complete:
50 Situps and 50 Pushups
Max Shoulder to Overhead in remaining time 115/75
*complete 5 bar facing burpees everytime you drop the bar.
Score total reps of shoulder to overhead ONLY. You can partion
the pushups and situps anyway you wish. They are your buy
in before you can start the should to overhead.

Part B today is optional. For some people part A will take most
of the hour.  

Also if you have not placed an order for new shirts do that ASAP.  We will be placing the order this week.  Make sure to congratulate Kenny, Shantai and Jake when you see them for their performances this weekend at Fitcon.  Each of them took first place in their competitions.