October 12, 2015

Our new squat cycle will last 14 weeks. We will be squatting twice a
week. It will be a mix of back squat and front squat. All weights will
be based on your current max squat. I believe the squat is the best
exercise ever created and that it is something that EVERYONE needs
regardless of your goals. I understand some people do
not like to squat heavy more than once a week. If you are that person,
I will have a conditioning piece written every Wednesday that you may
do in place of the squats. Squat days will be Monday and Wednesday.

A) Back Squat

B) AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
27 Double-unders
9 Burpees over the bar
3 Shoulder to Overhead 185/135
Score is total reps.

The benchmark for this week is Linda. That is a difficult workout to
do as a class since we are short on benches and you may need a spotter for the bench. You may do this workout anyday this week. Please use a spotter if you feel like you will struggle with the bench press.

Deadlift at 1.5 x bodyweight
Bench Press at bodyweight/.75 x bw for women
Clean at .75 x bodyweight

Set up 3 bars. 
To make the board for Linda you must log your score in Train Heroic.  This will make it much easier to shuffle through all the scores to find the top scores.
I will load Linda into train heroic for Sunday the 11th.  Log your score there.


The gym is hosting a USA Weightlifting Certification on Friday and Saturday of this week from 8 am to 5:30 pm.  We are trying to figure out what to do those days.  We will be asking classes about a few options and we will decide what we think is best.  We are considering either changing the schedule or doing a workout off site.  Stay tuned for more details.