October 19, 2015

A) Back Squat
25 Minutes at a conversation pace of:
Row 750m
30 light RKBS
30 Situps
The optional piece should be done at a pace that allows you to hold talk
throughout. You should move at a constant pace. If you have a HR monitor
wear it and keep HR at 150 BPM.

B) EMOM for 10 Minutes
7 Burpees + Max Double Unders
Score is total Double Unders

The optional squat day will now be Mondays. It makes much more sense
to have the optional day be on Monday with the way this cycle is set up.
Every other workout on this cycle will be a lighter day like this one today.
So if you have decided to only squat once a week I don't want you to always
miss the heavier of the two workouts.

The gym will be closed on Saturday to host the Record Breakers
Weightlifting meet.