October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!   Kids and teen classes are cancelled today.  No 9pm class.  All other classes are normal schedule.   

A) Complete the following for time:
10 Back Squat @ 60%
20 Back Squat @ 50%
30 Back Squat @ 40%
40 Back Squat @ 30%

B) AMRAP in 6 Minutes of:
10 Deadlift 185/135
25 Bar Hop

This Saturday at 10am we will start our Competitor class again.  This class is for anyone interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit at any level.   We will talk in depth about strategy and do competition style workouts.  CrossFit as a sport is very different than CrossFit as a fitness program.  Come and learn the difference and test your limits.