Oly Lifting Program

CrossFit Utah Valley is excited to announce the expansion of it’s Olympic Weightlifting program! Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm and on Saturday from 7:30-9:00am beginning this Tuesday, the 22nd of July. The addition of classes will allow for more technique work, one on one coaching, and a stronger base to either compete in the sport or to simply get more comfortable with the Olympic Lifts. Jessie will be coaching this program. This is an amazing opportunity to work with a world-class lifter! Anyone is welcome! This class will be geared in a way that anyone from any fitness level or background, will be able to improve their skills and get stronger. Tuesday and Thursday will be lighter in weight and will be very technique oriented; Tuesday will be snatch day, and Thursday clean and jerk day. Saturday’s program will be more open to athletes to work on both of the lifts at heavier weights, and will go along side the sport class’s max effort day. For athletes who are interested in getting stronger in the lifts as well as improving technique, extra homework will be assigned (optional of course) and as the class progresses, the programs for the class will gain more volume and intensity. We invite everyone who is interested to come try it out and learn more about the great sport of Olympic Weightlifting!

Competitor Class Is Changing....

...for the Better.  This Class will no longer be a Competitor Class.  It will be changing to the new "Competitor's Prep Class."  Were we, CFUV, will help you master the harder skills in Crossfit.  We will be doing challenging workouts as well as learning and mastering new skills. There will be no test or list of requirements to get in to this class.  Sometimes in the class we will be teaching skills that everyone will be able to do and other times we will be teaching skills that only a couple can do RX'd but there will be a teaching progression.  This class will help us build up more competitive athletes for the future.

Extreme Endurance Trial

This was a unscientific trial because I am not a scientist.  If you were not there the day I was trying to get people signed up for this then you probably don't know what I am talking about.  We are interested in bringing in good quality products in the gym.  I (Jeremy) ran across this one awhile ago and just never gave it a second thought.  I saw it again on the lovely world of social media and thought I would finally give it a second  or first real look.  So I went out and bought some for me to try.  I liked it so much that I reached out to the rep for our gym's area and asked questions but also got a great idea to see if we would like to bring this into our gym.  Extreme Endurance has an 8 day travel pack of the same stuff I was taking for my month supply.  The product says that it starts to take effect in 72 hours the company does these trials all the time.  We thought what a good way to give our clients a chance to see if they want this product in the box.  We got 25 travel (8 day) packets.  So Monday the 5th of May, I came to all the classes and asked if anyone would like to be in a small group to try it out.  I had a bunch of takers.  We had most of them do a workout with lunges and wall balls in it and ask them to start taking the pills that night.  A week later we ask them to do the same workout to see two things; if they were less sore and if they could do better....Once again this was not a scientific study.  We did not draw blood, give placebos, or check in on them everyday.  After week, I put a survey/questionary from on the whiteboard and most filled it out or let me know the results the next time they saw me. The results- the majority of everyone liked it.  They improved their score and felt less sore over all.  I did have one individual tell me that they would not take it because the soreness is how they tell if it is working and it took that away from them. There was a limited number of bad or indifferent like one person had a gout flare up at the end of the week and another person said he did not like them and a few other were indifferent.   I myself have loved it.  I always have a hard time going from work to the gym and feeling like I can push myself because I was worn down.  I was able to do that on this.  I also hate when I have done so many squats that sitting down on the toilet is the hardest thing of the day that also didn't happen in the month I was taking it.  So if you are like me then you will like these pills.  If people like the product we will bring in some of their other products.

So if you want less soreness in your life try this product out.  We are selling a monthly supply for just $44.95. http://www.xendurance.comVideo- Kick the Bear in the Acid