Meet Aaron Behm

If you pay attention to the white board, you've probably noticed Behm's scores. Aaron has been around CFUV a long time, quietly and consistently making the leaderboard and setting times and scores for the rest of us to beat for years now. As a coach, I've frequently gotten the question, "Who is Behm?" many times, sometimes in a disbelieving tone, and sometimes in exasperation. He faithfully attends the 5:45 class, so if you've never seen that hour of the day at the gym, you've probably missed him. But the truth is, Behm is just one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. You might just have to wake up early one day to track him down.

 Ginny and I have three boys, Noah (5), Caleb (3), and Elijah (1).  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and went to college in Illinois. Ginny was born in California and moved to Utah when she was 8.  We met at some college friend's wedding in Nebraska.  Ginny works at American Fork Junior High as a 7th and 8th grade Science Teacher.  I work at American Fork High School, I teach World and U.S. History and am the head football coach.

Ginny joined a CF gym when we lived in Wisconsin before moving to Utah.  We both came to classes when we were visiting Utah while living in Wisconsin.  Doing CF only over holiday vacations, and gaining about 4,000 ft of elevation is tough!!  We both started going very regularly when we moved to Utah in the Summer of 2010.

I like the competition of CF.  It is hard to get that same competitive drive by yourself in a gym.  Having friends around to compete with and push you is what makes CF so fun.

I pretty much only attend the

5:45 AM


My favorite movements are power clean, presses, push-ups, pretty much upper body movements.  My least favorite are overhead squats, snatches, and burpees.

CrossFit has been a great avenue to continue being competitive and continue feeling like you are part of a team.  Being on teams in high school and college, I really missed it afterwards.  I also thinks it makes me a better football coach.  In my head, I am often telling myself the same things I tell my team, "Keep going, work harder, keep pushing, etc", I think it helps to be able to practice what you preach.

My personal goals are to continue to average 4 times a week attendance, to improve on my worst movements (snatch, OHS, running), and to look as good as John Heaton when I turn 50!