Meet Bryce Monson

Bryce has been coming to CFUV for a little more than a year, and recently became our newest coach. He's one of the most enthusiastic personalities I know. I've never seen him without a grin and a laugh. He's a dedicated athlete and a thoughtful coach. We're lucky to have him at CFUV!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have a family? Where are you from, where do you work? Aside from CF, what do you enjoy doing?

I have a wife, a cat and a new puppy. The cat does nothing, except sleep. The puppy loves fruit and sandals. My wifey is the best. I love her like CrossFit haters love to hate on butterfly pull-ups. Seriously. She's awesome. I also have a brother and a sister who totally rock. They've been into CFUV a few times. My mom's the sweetest lady ever. Some of you may have met her already. She's usually the one walking around the gym with our puppy during the evening classes. My dad doesn't CrossFit, but he's super jelly of all my new muscles lol. I'm trying to get him to join. Maybe someday.

I was born in Monticello, Utah, but I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii. I love body boarding, snowboarding, Jeeping and generally just being outside. Pearl (my wife) and I will also nerd out on video games from time to time. I've recently graduated from BYU with my Master of Public Administration degree. I work as a project manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I'm a Level-1 Crossfit Trainer. I LOVE being a coach. I love having the opportunity to watch everyone in this awesome community grow and improve themselves. It's inspiring and motivating for me being surrounded by epic people everyday! Crossfit freaking rocks.

When did you start CrossFit, and what made you decide to stick with it?

I officially drank the Crossfit kool-aid in April of 2013 after I came across some YouTube videos of past CF Games footage. I was like... "what is this glorious sport, and how can I do it!?" I found Crossfit Utah Valley and have never looked back. In fact, this is the most dedicated I've been to anything, except my wife. Crossfit's a close second though lol.

Do you like to come in to a particular class?

I'm an afternoon guy. You can usually find me in the corner by the lifting blocks between the hours of

5:00PM and 7:30PM, Monday

through Friday.

What is your favorite CrossFit workout/movement/lift? Which ones do you dislike the most?

I love the Olympic lifts, toes to bar, and muscle ups. I really don't care much for thrusters. Not sure I've met anyone who actually enjoys thrusters. Thrusters are evil.

How has CrossFit changed your life?

It has changed my life in more ways than one. I'm happier, stronger and healthier than before. I've made some amazing friends, and my career goals have changed (as in, I want to get paid to CrossFit ALL THE TIME) lol.

What are your personal goals in CrossFit?

Qualify for Regional's in 2015 and qualify for the Games within the next few years. Also, I want to have bigger arms than Drew.

And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without this one...