Meet Stacy Wellner

I first met Stacy when she and her husband started coming to morning classes. At first, I don't think Stacy liked to lift much, but I have a sneaky suspicion she doesn't mind it very much now, and she's made consistent gains. Like many of us, Stacy struggled to get double unders. I've been so impressed by her steady work on them, and it's certainly paid off! Stacy is one of our most consistent, and hardest working members.

My name is Stacy Wellner. My husband is Andrew and we have a 21 yr old son named Andrew (jr) and a 16 yr old daughter, Abby. I moved to Orem when I was 13 from El Paso, Texas and have lived here ever since. I work with my husband as his administrative assistant. He is a financial planner. I met my husband in the MTC then we got reaquainted at BYU and this December we will be married 23 years!

We joined CF in June of 2011. I never wanted to but we had friends who kept telling us how much they enjoyed it. We came to a free week, then did on ramp in June. My husband quit the following May, due to health and injuries; our friends quit at the end of last summer and here I still am, doing Crossfit!

I think I’ve stuck with it because of where it fits in my schedule and because it’s always different. I used to do Zumba and go to pump and spin classes at the gym but I have never worked out so hard as I have at CF! I like WOD’s that are long and challenging but I definitely don’t like anything overhead!

I’ve always attended morning classes, usually 7:00 and sometime 5:45. Just recently I switched to 8:00 so that I can spend a few minutes with my daughter each morning before she goes to school.

I will never be the strongest or the fittest at CFUV and I have no aspirations to do a muscle up but I do enjoy looking back and realizing that I could barely kettlebell swing the white KB and now I can do the 53#! I definitely feel stronger and my goal is to always finish the WOD.